Monday, June 15, 2009

Commodities Head Lower

Commodities were lower today as many investors appear to be taking profits in gold, silver, oil etc. I exited the remainder of my long position in oil today as I feel this market has had a very nice move to the upside and there is no reason to press the trade any further. If anyone is still long this market, you might want to place a protective stop right below $38.00 in USO to lock in any gains that you may have.


Anonymous said...

You said you were waiting for a significant move in the DOW. do the last two days qualify?

Kevin said...

I think this is the beginning of a move down.

Anonymous said...

79 oil here we come...

Anonymous said...

At what level would you go back long on USO ?
Thank you for a great site !

Anonymous said...

I believe that oil prices will continue to increase for sure by the end of the summer. We need to get back to that $1.25 per gallon gas. I just hope that we can control inflation more so that we do not see any double digit stuff.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the wave count had some insight this time.

I suspect oil is rolling over just like silver did. POT just fell out of bed too and UNG looks to be potentially putting in a 4th wave triangle for one more wave down (at which point it could be a serious buy).


Anonymous said...

Oh forgot to ask. What do you think of airlines, esp since you appear to think oil is topping. CAL has gotten crapped on for the past 2 months while other things have been rallying and now could be putting in an inclining double bottom. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Where do you see the next support level for OIL Kevin ?
thanks for any comments .


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