Saturday, February 23, 2008

Charts Of Interest

Above is a chart of the U.S. Dollar and as you can see a symmetrical triangle is forming. I'm still anticipating a breakout to the upside but I will let the market decide which way it wants to go... I have no position at the moment.

Platinum prices are raging and have gone parabolic!

Natural Gas has broken out of its 2 year trading range. If you recall I have been very bullish on natural gas because the commercial traders were holding their largest net long position in the history of this market. Here is the link for those of you who are interested. Natural Gas, Sleeping Bull.


kk said...


Any target on natural gas? Thx in advance!

Kevin said...

Hi KK,

I have no target. This is the kind of situation where you have to be patient and let the market do what it's going to do. I feel a large move is coming but that remains to be seen.

Romeo Bravo said...

Hi Kevin:

Thanks for your earlier heads up. It does appear UNG is the best play for this sector, meaning most liquid, especially if you are considering options.

It has already made a 10%+ move so far. Do you see this as just the beginning?

Kevin said...

Hi Romeo,

I think it's the beginning of a longterm move up. We'll see what happens.


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