Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm Taking A Break

Well folks, I'm going to be taking a break from blogging. I'll be doing a little bit of traveling and I'm also going to be involved in some other projects which I am really excited about.

I'm not sure exactly when I will be back but figure around the end of September.
Until then my friends, enjoy the rest of the summer.


JBetz said...

Thanks for all of your insightful posts. Best of luck.

brd said...

Kevin, have fun. Glad you came back to share some more with us this summer.

Closet Daytrader said...


Thank you very much for sharing all your analysis!

Will we get to find out more about those exciting projects that you are going to work on? (I'm assuming/hoping that it involves the internet.)

I look forward to reading your blog again in September.

Best Wishes!

Ross said...

But the market's imploding! I need your TA skills! What's this supposed to be some kind of sick joke!?

Just kidding. But this is one of my favorites. You'll be missed.

Hasta septiembre.

Kevin said...


You still trade right? If you do, once a while do post your opinions.

We all like you. Best of Luck.

stakeholder said...

You will be missed. Thank you for your considerable efforts.

May your travels and projects bring you much pleasure and challenge.

Looking forward to your return with tales of wonder, achievment, and then market movements!

Jesse said...

I agree with Ross, you will be missed. Have fun and I hope to hear of your adventures and market analysis in September.

Bill N said...

Only been reading your blog for a month or so, but have found it very informative. Was looking to do some trading myself, but think I'll wait until you return and I can learn some more.
Have an enjoyable trip.

Anonymous said...


Have a well deserved vacation, and you will be missed!

Andrei said...

Enjoy your travels. Make sure you check out Costa Rica if you have the time. Will look forward to your blogs again. Just be careful.. you blog too much and some readers just might begin to trade better than you!

Ajay said...

We will mis you kevin...i really really enjoy reading your insightful commentary.

Thanks and hope you come back soon!!!

cep said...

You will be missed my old friend. We may not always agree on mkt direction (although you have been right all year long and I have pretty much gotten my bearish butt kicked in!!!) but I have found and will always continue to find your insight invaluable. Enjoy your time off!!! Hope to hear from you in September.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the hiatius...good time to remove yourself from the game.

Lawrence Chiu said...

Dang, you have perfect timing. You left right when the market started to roll over.

Yaser Anwar said...

Hey Kev-

Hope you're back soon!


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