Friday, March 09, 2007

NASDAQ: 2:00 Trend Change

Here's a little pattern I've been noticing in the NDX for the past 2 weeks. I've noticed that the NASDAQ tends to make trend changes around 2:00.

If you look at the above 7 day chart of the NASDAQ (10 min bars), you'll see that at 2:00 the market reverses it's trend. Many times this turns out to be the exact high or low of the day.

If you are a long term trader, the above chart is meaningless to you, but if you do a lot of day trading like I do, knowing about this 2:00 reversal can be helpful and that's why I'm posting this chart.

I wouldn't actually initiate a trade at 2:00 based on the above chart, but I think it can be helpful to be aware of the possibility of a trend change at 2:00 and maybe tighten up your trailing stops if you happen to have on a day trade. That's how I've been using this.

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