Monday, March 19, 2007

Australian Dollar Moving Up Nicely

Lately we've all been focused on the Japanese Yen, but has anybody noticed what the Australian Dollar is doing? It's been moving up nicely these past few weeks.

Above are two charts of the Australian Dollar. The top chart is a daily and the bottom chart is a monthly. Notice where this currency is at the moment. It's about to make multi year highs. G'day mate!


miamirenter said...

do you get pissed off..mad at the market when it goes against your conviction..or you just adjust w/ no psychological residual anger..if angry, how long does it last (1 day?)
or u feel no emotions?

Kevin said...

Do I get pissed? Of course I get pissed...Years ago I used to break my keyboard...Now I just workout...This is very stressful

Peter said...

This is nerve racking! I'm sensing the market is begging to burst upward. How about you guys? At the same time I am shorting the market big time. Sweating bullets....Here is what I'm hoping for:

Spiders - June S&P Futures:
I have already broke my 140.50 resistance level, but I still believe that the next swing should carry the market down to 135.00, at least. The S&P’s should stall in the 1415-20 zone and then begin a drop to 1360.

QQQQ: I was hoping the Q’s will make up to resistance 43.70 today (but did not!) before they start down my target for the entire correction at 41.00.

Kevin thoughts on your end?

Kevin said...

I'm still bearish Peter.


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