Tuesday, February 27, 2007


GOOG is a stock I'm going to watch closely over the next week or two. GOOG made a 3 month low today and is trading in the gap. This stock is also approaching its 200 day moving average.

My cyclical work suggests that GOOG should be putting in a bottom within the next two weeks. This is something I've been anticipating since the last cyclical low. You can read about why I am looking to buy GOOG here. As of now, I have no position in GOOG but I am waiting for price to form a base or at least give me some kind of technical buy signal. Keep this stock on your watch list. I'll keep you updated if I get long Google.


el said...

GOOG is a fantastic trade on days of external market events.

like you, i will be watching the premium on GOOG Calls and Puts in the next few days. might help me decide which direction to trade in.

chiu said...


Your observation is super. It seems to have a cyclical pattern of 6 months.

Could I ask you what tool do you use to derive this kind of cyclical pattern ?

Any other stocks that you have noted such kind of significant cyclical patterns ?

Kevin said...

Hi Chiu,

I find cycles just by looking at the chart. I've been doing this awhile so I can quickly see if a stock has an accurate cycle or not. You just have to get used to looking for cycles.


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