Monday, February 09, 2009

Stock Market Overview

Since the beginning of the month stocks have been moving higher with the NASDAQ leading the way. Today the NASDAQ made a new high for the year but when you look at the other indices we see a slightly different picture.

The Dow and S&P have NOT confirmed the new high in the NASDAQ which may turn out to be a huge negative for the overall market unless we see some sudden strength come into the Dow and S&P. In a healthy market we should see all 3 indices breaking high together but we simply aren't seeing that in the current market.

If the stock market continues to move higher and the dow and S&P are able to make new highs for the year, I will look to buy the very next dip. On the other hand, if the market begins to roll over from here, I will short this market and will probably look to short the dow (DIA). I'll let the market tell me which way it wants to go but as of now I am leaning towards the short side.


mr rolfsson said...

Nice charts! I leaning to the short side since both S&P and DJ are lagging. Kevin, how do you find your setups?

Kevin said...

I find my setups by looking at a large list of charts every few days.


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