Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Dow vs The NASDAQ

As you know I've been short the stock market for the past few weeks but I'm now thinking of covering half my position on Monday and I might even buy some Q's. The NASDAQ in my opinion seems to be holding up much better that the rest of the market. If on Monday I see signs of strength, I will exit a good portion of my short position and may even get long the NASDAQ for a short-term trade.


Anonymous said...

Hello Kevin,

I was curious. What is your take on the situation with Apple? There is a lot of speculations on Steve Jobs' health and this has been driving the stock lower.

This is sad to see that people can not differentiate business and individual contributors to the technology.

Thank you.


K said...

I don't understand. Surely you don't think the market is about to recover.


Kevin said...

Of course not, but we may get a little bounce and I'd like to catch that bounce if possible rather than stay all short and give back open profits.

kk said...


What do you think about wheat? The chart looks very good! Thx!

Sajal said...

Are you saying Nasdaq could approach it's 52 week highs? What's your exit strategy?


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