Thursday, May 08, 2008

Natural Gas Update

On April 10th I posted some bullish comments on Natural gas which you can read by clicking here

Natural Gas has rallied nicely over the past month but my upside objective has not been reached yet so I am still looking for higher prices. I'll post my upside price target if Natural Gas makes new highs.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin,
I would to comment on the symmetrical triangle pattern. Symmetrical triangle is a great pattern however nobody knows if the trend will become bullish or bearish. Is there any indicator that I can use in order to get a better estimation (bullish/bearish). APPLE is forming a symmetrical pattern and I can expect a bullish trend due to a bullish sentiment and the new phone in July. Is there a method or an indicator I can use to validate my theory?

theWild1 said...

If you don't want to wait for the stock to breakout of the triangle, then an indicator that can be used is see the current trend the stock is already in. So if the stock was already going up, then gamble it will go up through the triangle; however, the it is usually best to wait for a breakout of the triangle.

kk said...

It keeps going down after new high, Kevin.


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