Wednesday, July 18, 2007

JNPR Conference Call Summary

JNPR Conference Call Summary:

Core represented over half of infrastructure business this quarter but it fluctuates each qtr. Have over 20,000 enterprise customers worldwide, business grew 14% yr/yr. Q1 market shares; captured number one worldwide position in high-end firewall, maintained number one position in SSL VPN, number two position in overall network security worldwide, and secured the number two position in secure routing. Appointing Mike Rose, the former Executive Vice President and chief information Chief Information Officer of Royal Dutch shell PLC, to the Juniper Networks Board of Directors. 4 sets of initiatives for moving forward. First is to focus on alignment, meaning they want to provide exactly what their customers want, primarily high performance networking. Second is to keep scalability in mind in order to accommodate future growth. Third is to focus on what they can bring to market quickly so they can keep their underdog edge and their technological superiority. Fouth is to focus on hiring, keeping, and developing good team members. Saying "what we're going to see happen in the subscription based service provider world is I think we're going to see a migration from subscription services to ad-based services". Commenting that there are big opportunities for targeted advertising creating a win/win for the advertiser and the consumer. Saying they expect to begin the march towards the 25% operating margin target soon as recent R&D spending begins to bear fruit. Seeing a mixed reaction in demand environment for service providers, optimism and fear are mixed. Stock Trading up .57 after hours at $27.30 Courtesy of

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