Thursday, June 21, 2007

This Is What's Being Bought

You want to know what is being bought? I can tell you in one word..Asia! These Asian stocks are on fire! They are all breaking out into new high ground and they are in the strongest trends.

Above is a chart of the ETFs for these Asian markets which means we can trade them unlike the shanghai index which isn't tradable.

I'm not going to buy them here because there is too much risk but these are going to be the stocks I will be looking to buy if we get a sell off in the overall market.


Mike said...

I am hearing more and more talk about interest rates. Do you feel this is not the time to be in ENERGY TRUSTS with so much uncertainity over interest rates or the looming idea of them possibly moving upwards ?

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions

Kevin said...

Exacyly what are you hearing about interest rates?

Mike said...

What am I hearing ? I am hearing that the fed will probably hint about a lowering of rates possibly rather than an increase. When it comes to the talking heads, most all of them are saying the fed will stand pat . I think your approach to this site is an excellent one and should you ever consider changing the format or the structure , please let me know it would be of most interest to me to be on a immediate buy or sell alert.
Thank you


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