Friday, March 16, 2007

Gold And Silver

I'm so tempted to buy Gold and Silver next week but my fear of a rising yen is holding me back from taking action. I think if the Yen has another leg up, money will move out of the metals causing them to go lower. I don't feel like getting caught.

What I like about the above chart is that the long term trend is up which we can all see by looking at the very large swings on a weekly chart (not shown). As long as the swings are making higher highs and higher lows, the long term trend is up. The reason I'm tempted to buy the metals next week is because now the short term trend appears to be moving higher. Silver just put in a higher low and is making a higher high, gold looks like it is about to do the same. So now we have the daily trend possibly turning up while the weekly trend is still up. Maybe I'll buy some metals next week...I'll see how they hold up if the yen rallies. Decisions... Decisions.. Decisions...


Sandro said...

Big question: what is better - gold or gold miners?

What I hate in gold it brings no income besides capital appreciation..

Maybe swiss frank is better, at least it is yielding?

Kevin said...

Well I want to trade the actual commodity that is why I'm watching SLV and GLD..I'm not interested in gold stocks right now.

If Gold rallies, it will outperform the swiff franc. If anything I'd rather buy the Euro Currency than the swiss franc.

armoredsaint said...

Why do you think the gold stocks are acting so awful the last 6 months while gold soars? When do we jump all over these very very undervalued miners especially Goldcorp which is near a 52 week low with massive growth projected in 2008-10

Kevin said...

I've been wondering the same thing and I agree with you, some of these gold stocks are very undervalued.
As soon as I see signs of life in these gold stocks, I'll be a buyer. Right now I'm leaving them alone.


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