Thursday, February 15, 2007

What's Being Bought?

Every few weeks I like to see which groups are being bought and are out performing the S&P. On the above chart are some of the strongest groups for the past 30 trading days. Surprisingly it wasn't the reits. We've been hearing so much about the move the reits have had but they have actually gone up only about 6.5%. The strongest group by far are the steel stocks. This group is up almost 17% over the last 30 trading days while the S&P is up only 1.5%. Buying steel stocks on the next dip is something I will be waiting and watching for.


OptionPundit said...

This is really insightful. I generally use for looking at the group movements. But I liked the way you have simply presented it. 3 cheers. I have added your blog in OP's Hall of Fame for for benefit of OP readers to play option strategies on your picks :)

Cheers and profitable trading,

V said...

Thanks for all useful info you are posting. Question, are you also watching Titanium, especially TIE and ATI. Also on technology side you were right on on NT, and read on QCOM.


V said...

I meant your read on QCOM, are you watchin it. I looks like it brokeout too.

Kevin said...

ATI, RTI and TIE all look good to me. QCOM looks like a breakout. It's above it's 200 day moving average on good volume.


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